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Enrolment WS 2020/2021 - Corona

Last Udate: February 17, 2021

Dear all

"Wir sind auf einem guten Weg". This was anounced on the press conference of the German Government on Feburary 12, 2021. Although our virus case numbers are declining and the situation in the intensive care units is stabilising we need to be cautious. As infection increases with new viral mutations the German government decided to prolong the lockdown until March 7 and to asked the citizens to commit to the situation and to work together in following the rules and keep the contacts to a minimum.

Rapid tests are about to be appoved and help to get the situation under control. And the overall situation in Germany allows it again to test with PCR-tests and trace.


The Corona situation is imposing lots of limitations on everybody. Our government is still struggling to get the situation under control. The measures which are imposed are only successful if everybody takes them seriously and follows the rules. The more we work together the more successful we are and the earlier we are able to readopt our pre-pandemic life.

Since December 16, we have a harsh national lockdown which means that all non-essential shops are closed in an emergency bid to curb rising infection rates. In some Bundesländer we have a curfew.

Citizens shall limit their contacts to the absolute minimum. The government is constantly monitoring the situation. The goal is to contain the virus in a way that our health care system (meaning hospital beds, health care staff) is not overwhelmed. Please note that we have restrications on federal, on state and on local levels. The situation is therefore slightly confusing as the local restrictions are sometimes stricter.

A basic obligation to wear a mouth-nose cover is imposed. Any infringement constitutes an administrative offence and is therefore subject to a fine. This also applies to cyclists. It applies currently mainly to public areas indoors as well as outdoors.

In some regions FFP2 masks are mandatory in public transport including stations and in shops.

Please keep yourself informed. Some links below will help you.

A very good app is NINA. NINA is a warn app of our Federal Office for Civil Protection and is designed to alarm the population in case of emergencies. Choose your language at "Einstellungen" / "Spracheinstellungen - App Sprache anpassen". Choose "current location" you will get all  information in your region about the Pandemic including restricions and the information about the vaccination possibilities as soon as the vaccinations are available and the centres are established.

On November 6, the federal ministry of health introduced an online registration for travellers from high risk countries which replaced the paper form. You will find the link below in our Quarantine section.

Travel arrangements

(updated: January 18, 2021)

To plan your arrival to Germany please read the following section carefully and prepare your travel accordingly.


Please follow our instructions and coordinate your flight with the move-in appointment of your housing agency. Make sure that you do not book weekend flights as hotels are closed. There is no pick-up service on the weekends and the housing agency is not available. Furthermore due to the special situation a stay with a friend is not an option as you put your friend at risk of a possible infection.


  • Take a Covid Test in your home country shortly (max. 48 hours) prior to your arrival in Germany.

  • Book your flight with an early arrival on your move-in date - not later than 9 am!
  • Inform your housing agency of your arrival and make sure to mention that you have to quarantine for 10 days.
  • Insert your arrival data and move-in appointment to our google arrival form.
  • Inform the staff and the student guides of your arrival (one email).

Very important:

Under current law arrivals from a risk country are not allowed to sleep in German hotels or youth hostels. Therefore please make sure to book your flight according your move-in appointment. As it might take long to get through the customs, to make your Covid-Test in Germany and to travel to your room, please secure a move-in slot in the afternoon.

In Germany - What next?

Residence registration / Aliens' registrations office

(edited: October 14, 2020)

Note that registration of residence and address is the very first paperwork task to be done on moving to Germany. Residence permits come later.

We recommend to go ahead to contact the city for registration and residence permit during your quarantine. You will likely have to wait a few days to get an appointment.


(updated: February 2nd, 2021)

What does quarantine mean?

Persons entering from high-risk areas are obliged to go directly to their own household or other suitable accommodation immediately after entry and to stay there permanently for a period of 10 days after their entry. It is not permitted to receive visitors from persons who do not belong to their household during this period. Violations can be prosecuted as an administrative offence with a fine of up to 25,000 euros. Even if the test result is negative, you are obliged to immediately contact the health authority responsible for you without delay. Please complete this Digital Registration on Entry or, if this is not possible, fill in a written substitute registration and hand it in to the carrier or the border authority.

Your travel and contact details will be passed on to the local health authority at your city so that you can be contacted there.

Please check the section Day 5 - Take a Covid test to see all possibilities.

Independent from a negative COVID test we advise our students to follow our advise and stay 10 days in quarantine in your own room since we do not want to be responsible for an outbreak in a student hall.  If you reserved your housing with us, we will organise support and you will get a survival box for this period.

You are obliged to inform the competent health authority immediately if you experience typical symptoms of an infection with the SARS-CoV-2 virus, such as fever, dry cough (not caused by chronic illness), loss of sense of taste or smell, within ten days of arrival. In this case please send the completed symptom development form to the Gesundheitsamt Darmstadt.

Further information on current requirements for entry to Germany during the COVID-19 pandemic and who is not required to stay in quarantine is available at here.

Stay healthy,

We wish you and your families all the best for the coming months.

The faculty staff

Additional Information

Corona-Testcenter in Darmstadt

Make an appointment: Tel: 06151 116 117
Bessunger Straße 125, Gebäude D, 64295 Darmstadt
open: MO-FR from 9 am - 13 pm