Student on the h_da Campus

Admission WS 2021/2022

Last update: 17.05.2021

Welcome to h_da!


You have been admitted to our program for the Wintersemester 2021/2022 and want to know more about the coming few months? On this page we will

  • inform you about the latest developments throughout the next few months until your arrival.
  • discuss topics which are raised frequently in your mails..

We hope to welcome you in September and wish you all the best

stay healthy,

your IMSEIT-Team


We hired your Student Guides

Our student guides have been assigned to their jobs. We are looking forward to work with this great team.

From May 1st onwards they will help you and guide you to come to Germany. They will contact you within the next weeks.

Prepare now


We have a new process this year:

You will automatically get an invoice for each fee from us via email and will then have to pay the fee within the respective deadline. Please do not pay the fee before you get an invoice.

     Deadline of payment
admin fee30.04.2021
housing fee15.06.2021
course fee31.07.2021


In case you already transfered the fee before you received the invoice, we will map your payment internally. In this case you do not have to take additional step to inform us.

Please note that the payment will not be displayed immediately on KOPLA. It can take up to 3 weeks.


edited May 12, 2021


Now is the time to start your visa process. You need a national visa to enter Germany. Contact the German embassy in your country to check how to apply for a study visa.


General requirements:

  • Passport
  • Biometric passport photo
  • Filled-in application form
  • Proof that you can cover your living expenses, visit
  • Admission letter from h_da
  • possibly a confirmation letter from the faculty

Classes in the Winter Semester 2021/2022

Last update: 27.04.2021


The Campus of h_da is temporary closed. But as vaccinations will be more and more available in the coming weeks and months, we plan to hold our classes and labs in-person for the coming winter semester. In this case no additional online format will be offered. But due to the volatile situation in Germany we may adjust to a hybrid format.

Please prepare your arrival in Germany on September 1st.

Later enrolments will be possible (until October), but you would miss important precourses. Thus your study will be prolonged by one semester.

Housing / Accommodation

Get Vaccinated!

edited May 17, 2021


If possible, get fully vaccinated before your arrival in Germany.

  • This means that you have to make appointments for your vaccine relatively early in order to get the full protection until September. As the pandemic hits new records in several countries, we do not know how the German authorities will handle the situation in September. Therefore we strongly recommend to act now (if possible in your country).
  • Do not forget your proof of vaccination. You will need this document not only for the flight but in Germany as well.

Travel Insurance

edited May 12, 2021


As the semester starts officially on October 1st you are not protected with a health insurance before.  Hence you must take out a travel or incoming insurance for September (EXTREMELY important!).

Beginning with the first day of your residence in Germany you must have provided a travel insurance which covers the time between the day your arrival and October 1st, when your student health insurance comes into effect.

Please note that your travel insurance for September covers treatments as a result of pandemics e.g. COVID-19 as well as hospital stay! From experience we know that cheap travel insurances usually do NOT cover these treatments which can sum-up to tens of thousands Euros.


Health Insurance


Current situation in Germany:

As all hostels and hotels are still closed during the lockdown we encourage our applicants to follow  the following arrival process:

Book flights:

  • Make a move-in appointment with the housing agency before booking the flight. Make sure to follow the advise given below:
  • book your flight with an early arrival (arrival before 9 am) as otherwise there might be an issue to get the room for the first night.
  • No flights on the weekends (check working hours of the housing agency).
  • Insert your flight to our arrival form (which will be communicated in August)

Note: we recommend to book the flight in August

Infos about the Corona Virus in Germany and Hessia