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  • Welcome Course WS 2019/WS2020
  • Welcome Course WS 2019/WS2020
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Electrical Engineering and Information Technology

Electrical Engineering and Information Technology MSE

Since 1998 IMSEIT is one of the first and most renowned international master programs in Germany. Having a long tradition, we know how to ensure that your study program becomes a success story.

What makes us unique and attracts around 1,500 applicants every year:

  • We provide a challenging education, which enables you to find an interesting job in Germany.
  • Study together with Germans and Students from all over the world.
  • Free of tuition fees and completely taught in English.

Advantages of our program:

  • State of the art labs
  • An independent environment with professors and engineers having a profound knowledge of the latest technological trends and close relations to the industry

Our team supports students with additional Services:


Mohammad Sobree, current MSE-Student:

“During my early arrival, one of the important question that popped up in me is how can I find a good internship that matched me. I am not familiar with the work environment here. Luckily, I did find a good path. I spent my first year in h-da joining several hackathons. Some of them are entirely free and covered all my expenses. I made networking with engineers, found several friends from all over Germany and introduced h-da IMSEIT course to the participating companies. There is where I found Werkstudent, internship and most probably master thesis company that matched my interest. The company I am working with also said that they will take h-da IMSEIT student again in the future.”

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Deadlines / Events

Our application portal for international students is currently closed.

It will reopen for international students on December 1st, 2020 for the Winter Semester 2021/2022 intake.


Corona Update

International applicants:
Please check the following Sites
Enrollment WS 2020/2021 Corona Update and
Application Portal Kopla  regularly for new information and a modified process.

Current students:
Please check the information regarding the pandamic here.