Electrical Engineering and Information Technology, M.Sc.

Study Electrical Engineering in Germany

Since 1998 IMSEIT is one of the first and most renowned international master programs in Germany. Having a long tradition, we know how to ensure that your study program becomes a success story.

Our application portal for the winter semester 2025/2026

will be open for international students

December 15 - March 31

Advantages of our program:

State of the art labs

Small learning groups with top international students

An indepenent environment with professors and engineers with a profound knowledge of the latest technological trends and close relations to the industry

Our program is taught entirely in English

Perfect job preparation: 50% of the program in industry (internship and master thesis)

High graduation rate: more than 90% of our students finish the program successfully and start their career in industry or research

Why h_da?

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Wired Beginnings:

Our new batch of students arrived at the university in September, all eager to pursue their dreams in electrical engineering and information technology. Now they navigate through the labyrinth of lectures, labs, and late-night coding sessions.

The professors become more than just educators; they become mentors, guiding the students through the ups and downs of their academic journey.

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Excursion to the Embedded World Fair in Nuremberg in April 2024

In spring every year our students visit the Embedded World.

Prof. Fromm (one of the Organisers of the fair) spoke at an Expert Panel. Our students took part at a photo shoot.


Congratulations to our new Graduates:

We celebrate your successful completion of your Master's in Electrical Engineering and Information Technology. Your dedication and hard work have paid off.

As you embark on your future endeavors, we're confident you'll excel and make impactful contributions to your field.

Best wishes on your next chapter. We can't wait to see your continued success.

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Mohammad Sobree, former MSE-Student:

“During my early arrival, one of the important question that popped up in me is how can I find a good internship that matched me. I am not familiar with the work environment here. Luckily, I did find a good path. I spent my first year in h-da joining several hackathons. Some of them are entirely free and covered all my expenses. I made networking with engineers, found several friends from all over Germany and introduced h-da IMSEIT course to the participating companies. There is where I found Werkstudent, internship and most probably master thesis company that matched my interest. The company I am working with also said that they will take h-da IMSEIT student again in the future.”

Meet our Alumni: Susana

I am Susana from Mexico and I started my journey in this program 3 years ago. In my experience, this is just the perfect program for international students, you will receive guidance and support to make your arrival, start and integration as smooth as possible.

About the technical content of the program, it is completely up to date, everything that you learn is useful in the real world, and you will use it in your internships, your thesis and in your first official job!!

I won’t say that coming and studying in this program is easy, but it is a journey to amazing new experiences, knowledge, culture, language, challenges and for sure new amazing friends from different nationalities.  Studying in this program, this will become one of the best personal and professional experiences in your life. 

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