Tuition & Fees

Our study program is free of tuition fees, which means that regular lectures and labs are paid for by the German state.

The only regular costs are the so-called semester fees (around 270€ per semester), which cover

  • local public transportation ticket
  • university sports program
  • cultural programs.

The semester fee of the first winter semester is already included in the course fee (see below).

Besides the regular program, we offer a variety of add-ons like German classes, technical bridging courses as well as housing and admission services for which a moderate fee is charged.

Very important: These fees are only due once you are accepted to our program. The online application is free of charge.

190 Euros → Payment only once after your admission → Deadline 30.04.

Download your invoice from KOPLA → Administrative fees are non-refundable

1250 Euros → Payment only once → Deadline: 15.06

Download your invoice from KOPLA → Accommodation fees are non-refundable.

This fee is only due if you apply for a room through our services - which is highly recommended. It covers the rent for September and the apartment's deposit and administrative expenses.

Please note: This year we had to increase the fee because of an increase of rent/deposit of our housing agencies.

790 Euros → Payment only once → Deadline 31.07.

Download your invoice from KOPLA → Course Fees are non-refundable.

This fee is due once you have received your visa and know for sure that you will be coming to the H-DA. It covers

  • intercultural forums
  • excursions
  • German language courses including books
  • technical bridging classes
  • semester contribution for the 1st semester.

More Information:

Darmstadt is a large university town with several 10,000 students, located in the rural Rhein-Main area. As a consequence, the costs of living are comparable high. You will need an average of 950€ per month for the first 2 -3 semesters. During the internship and master thesis you will typically receive payment from the company where you are located.

 The amount of 950€ is comprised of:

  • Health insurance (mandatory): approximately 80 €/month
  • Room rent: approximately 350 €/month (± 10-15% depending on size of room)
  • Food: approximately 300 €/month
  • Other: approximately 200 €/month

In addition, you have to pay a semester fee to the university, covering your public transportation ticket, sports etc.. For more details please check

To apply for a loan you may use the following document.

As we do not take any tuition fee, we cannot provide scholarships for our students.

The only exception are students who have a refugee status. For this group, we can offer two scholarships for the first semester. For this, please contact the course director Prof. Fromm.

You may check if you qualify for a DAAD or comparable scholarship. Please check the following (partly German) websites for details:

It is recommended to also check local institutions for possible scholarships.

The master program is a full time presence program, which means that you will spend a reasonable amount of time in lectures and labs. Escpecially during the first semester it is not recommended to work in parallel.

For the second semester,  it is possible to find a student job either at the university or in industry.

  • If you showed a good performance during the first semester and your German skills are B1 or better, you may apply for a bachelor lab tutor position.
  • Some professors might have open research positions in their projects.
  • Several companies around the university offer student jobs.

The Career Center of the H-DA offers special trainings and fairs. The online database contains a variety of job offers.