International Students sitting on stairs.

Prepare your stay

Special Procedures for WS 2020/WS2021

As already communicated to our students due to the pandemic this year we have a different arrival procedure then usually.

Click here to find information about your arrival / move-in and quarantine information.

You are admitted - your next Steps are:

You can officially say, you are part of the h_da family, but there are still a few more steps to take before you are ready for the first day of class. Below you will find detailed information to get prepared for your stay in Germany and at our University.

Technical Classes

The Masters course at Hochschule Darmstadt is based on the high standards of the h_da. Based on our previous years' experience, it is highly recommended to prepare the following topics before coming to Germany.

German Classes

Preparatory studies:

Although it is not mandatory, we recommend students use the time before they come to Germany to start studying the German language.

Especially those who cannot make it in time until 1st of September should engage in self-study, as the rest of the students have already started with German classes before.

Check if some local institutions like the Goethe Institut are available in your town. They offer high quality language courses. In addition, you may want to check and work with the Deutsche Welle website. Go to: and select "Learn German" in the head menu. Choose one of the following courses:

  • Deutsch Interaktiv
  • Mission Europe
  • Deutsch, warum nicht?

Additional Information