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Technical Bridging Classes

The Masters course at Hochschule Darmstadt is based on the high standards of the h_da. Although we have thorougly checked the technical background of every student when applying, experience shows, that students coming from different universities usually have a different level of knowledge in different topics.

Furthermore, not every university puts an as strong emphasis as the H-DA on the ability to apply your knowledge in real project scenarios.

Therefore mandatory technical courses, which take place in September and March will help you to "get on speed" quickly.

September Classes

The september classes will focus on programming skills for the different majors.

  • Fundamentals of C programming using Eclipse will be offered for all majors.
  • Automation students will in addition attend a hands-on lab on PLC programming.
  • Communication students will dive into the Matlab environment
  • Embedded students will implement their first ECU on the PSOC microcontroller board
  • Power students will get an introduction of the power labs they will be working in.

March Classes

The classes in march will focus on the subject and projects for the summer semester.

  • Automation students will revise the fundamentals of control and system theory
  • Communication and Embedded students will design and implement their first hardware system using KiCAD
  • Power students will focus on model based design of electronic power systems

Furthermore, visits to different industrial fairs like the Embedded World will be offered.