Student in a meeting at the Career Center.

Working / Career Center

Working during your study

Although the study program is a fulltime program and you will not be bored during your time at the university, some need to work to secure their financial means.

Generally you are allowed to work during your study, but there might be limitations.

  • Typically your visa will only permit you to work for a certain number of days.
  • We recommend to work for 12 hours or less per week to have sufficient time for your study program.
  • You should not work during your first semester, as you will need the time to get acquainted with the German university system.

Concerning jobs, there are several options available. The chances for securing a job will mainly depend on your skills, technical, social and German language.

  • Working in a professor's research project. Definately the preferred format, but the availability of projects changes. Sometimes, there might be several professors offering project jobs, sometimes there might be none.
  • Working as a studnet utor. Especially during the summer semester, we will offer some positions to works as bachelor tutor. Good German skills as well as excellent technical skills are required for this.
  • Working as a Werkstudent. Some companies in and around Darmstadt are searching for students on a regular base. The conditions are comparable to working in a research project at the university.
  • Working in a non-technical environment. Of course this is also possible, but salaries and working conditions are often not as good as in a technical environment.

Our support to launch your Career

The Career Center supports students and graduates of the h_da in their transition from study to work with the aim of further increasing their chances on the job market or in self-employment.

The services offered by the Career Center include

  • Events as well as advise on job search and career start
  • Support for graduates in the transition from studies to work
  • Placement of internships, BPP, theses, jobs and permanent positions via trade fairs such as: the annual career fair meet@h_da on the campus of Darmstadt University of Applied Sciences and via the online job portal of Darmstadt University of Applied Sciences

The services and almost all events of the Career Center are free of charge.