Our students work together in i a meeting room in our students library

German Classes

Although all classes and exams will be held in English, good German skills will help to get around in Germany and to find a job. Therefore, mandatory German classes are an important part of our program.

The courses will be offered based on your knowledge. Typically, we will offer courses from A1 to B2. Even if you already have attended courses in your home country, attending additional classes in Germany makes sense, as we put a strong focus on speaking and listening skills.

Every course, which aims at reaching the next language level, consists of an intensive phase during the semester break and an extensive phase during the semester.Every student has to attend and pass two German courses. This means, that you will reach a minimum level of A2. However, our experience shows that a level of B1-B2 significantly improves your job perspectives - and is much more fun during your everyday life, as you can easily communicate with your environment.

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