To enrol at h_da you need a valid Health Insurance and a Travel Insurance

For the month of September: Travel Insurance

Travel insurance covers losses due to medical and dental emergencies that occur during your trip, up to the maximum amount stated in your policy. An insured medical emergency is a sudden, unexpected illness, injury or medical condition that can lead to serious damage if left untreated.

Take out a travel insurance:

There are special regulations for the month of September, as the regular student health insurance is only valid as of 1 October. Hence you MUST take out a travel or incoming insurance for September (EXTREMELY important!) which covers the time between the day of your arrival until October 1st when your health insurance comes into effect.

You have to make sure that your travel insurance covers treatments as a result of pandemics e.g. COVID-19 as well as hospital stay! From experience we know that cheap travel insurances usually do NOT cover these treatments. Hence we strongly recommend that you choose an appropriate travel insurance. Else you will have to pay for the necessary medical treatment by yourself – which can easily cost up to a hundred thousand Euro. Don’t take the risk!!!

Please email your travel insurance policy to Ms. Bremer by 29. August latest!



From October onwards: Mandatory Health Insurance

The health insurance is designed for long-term residency overseas. Taking out a legal statutory health insurance is a prerequisite for enrolment in Germany.

Important Info about Health Insurance in Germany - Our partner TK!

We strongly advise you to undertake the necessary steps well in advance to make sure to be prepared for your enrollment process. Get information on Health Insurance and what services are covered by it.

h_da works closely together with TK Health Insurance. You may choose any other legal German statutory health insurance as well. Monthly rates are the same for all statutory health insurance companies and are fixed by German law. The monthly amount is 120 € to 125 €, depending on your age (based on the current legal base 07/2023).



How to set up Health Insurance with TK

Take a look at the short videos for more information on how to set up a Health Insurance with TK, and important information regarding obtaining a statutory Health Insurance in Germany. Please note, that although this video is provided by TK, the information basically applies to most statutory German Health Insurances.

Easy and affordable - Insured with the German health insurance TK
The electronic health card
German health insurance for foreign students
What to do in case of illness

Presentations of our Information Meeting on Travel Insurance and Health Insurance

Different processes for different age groups for health insurance:

  • A public health insurance in Germany costs around € 120 per month.
  • Our University cooperates with TK Health Insurance, a statutory German health Insurance.
  • In May an information meeting will be held. You will get an invitation.
  • You will then apply to TK.
  • TK will then automatically confirm your registration to the University directly.
  • TK finalises your insurance upon your arrival.
  • The insurance covers european-wide.
  • Easy access to medical services in Germany (as you will be able to show your European Health Insurance Card).

Students who are older than 30 years need a so called private German health insurance. This must offer comparable health insurance cover in accordance with § 11 of the German Social Security Code (Sozialgesetzbuch V).

Ms Bremer ( from the TK insurance company must always check this private health insurance and send the electronic notification (Meldegrund 10) for your enrolment to h_da.

Please note, a travel insurance will not be accepted for an enrolment at a German university.

In case you have further questions or need an insurance confirmation for VISA purposes, please contact Mrs. Catharina Bremer (, Tel: +49 40 460 65 10 77 52.

Students from EU or agreement countries who are already statutory ensured (no travel insurance, or the like!) in their home country do not have to be ensured in Germany.

With your European health insurance card (EHIC) you can see a doctor directly.

For your enrolment at h_da, please send a copy of your valid health insurance card (EHIC) or your A/T11 document (from SGK in Turkey) and a copy of your passport to Mrs. Memminger will check these and send the electronic notification (Meldegrund 10) about your insurance status to the faculty directly.

Before you arrive in Germany

How to apply for Health Insurance

First step:


To obtain the necessary health insurance certificate from TK Health Insurance please fill in the application form.



will then automatically send an electronic notification (Meldegrund 10) to h_da and a separate certificate for your visa application to you. Hence you do not need to send us any proof.

Next step:


As soon as you know about your arrival in Germany, please contact Ms. Bremer (



informs you about the next steps and explaines all details regarding payment as soon as you arrive in Darmstadt.

After your arrival in Germany

First step:


Activate your TK-Card

» Please either send the Meldebescheinigung

or your Address Update  to the following address:


You will be informed about further steps automatically by TK.


students > 30 years old:


To get a card please contact your health insurance provider directly.




Please do not forget to create a SEPA mandate for the health insurance fee. Without payment you will be exmatriculated.

If you cannot come to Germany...

If you can’t come to Germany and are not enrolled, you may cancel the insurance any time and no health insurance contribution will be levied.