Exam Rules and Regulations

IMPORTANT: Examination Regulations PO 2012

Please note, that all exams of the second semester according to the structure of the master program will be offered the last time in this winter term for these examination regulations. This includes the following modules:

M02 Technical Management
MA03 Advanced Feedback Control
MA04 Advanced Robotics
MC03 Digital Signal Processing
MC04 Microwave Components and Systems
MM01 Complex Digital Architectures
MM04 Design and Test of Microelectronic Systems
ME03 Control of Electrical Drives & E-Mobility
ME04 Power-Electronics & Switching Power Supply

If you have any questions, please contact the examination office at pa.fbe@h-da.de. Do not forget to mention your course of study, your name and your matriculation number. In the event of technical difficulties, please always send a screenshot. If you have technical problems, please always send a screenshot and describe the problem. We can only consider emails that were sent within the registration period.

Program, Exam Rules and Regulations

All examination regulations are explained on two levels:

The following list provides an overview of the examination process for the MSEIT and IMSEIT Program. For more details, please check the ABPO and BBPO above.

General Information

Exams are offered twice a year (February/March and July/August)


Grading is according to the German grading system.


Only exams which are not passed can be repeated.


German Grading System

1.0 (excellent)











5.0 (failed)

Check your registrations! Taking exams without registration is not permitted.

  • Registration is only possible during the registration period communicated on the EIT website. Please check the faculty time schedule.
  • You must register online for every exam you plan to take.
  • Cancellation of an exam is possible until 2 days before the exam.
  • The withdrawal from an exam is only possible online up to 2 days before the exam.
  • For mandatory modules, a deregistration is only possible for the first attempt.
  • In case of illness you will have to submit a certificate from a doctor, stating that you are "prüfungsunfähig erkrankt".
  • If possible, please use the following withdrawal certificate, which shall be signed by the doctor.
  • The above mentioned certificates have to be submitted in original immediately, i.e. the latest the next working day to the Examination Secretariat.
  • The 2nd time of absence due to illness you have to provide a certificate issued by a public health officer ("Amtsarzt") at your own expense.
  • You may drop the certificate into the letter box at the entrance of the 4th floor or submit it to the Examination Secretariat (D16 / 407).
  • A so called “Arbeitsunfähigkeitsbescheinigung” (Certificate of Incapacity) is not sufficient.

Mandatory Modules

Elective Modules


Only exams which are not passed can be repeated.


Only exams which are not passed can be repeated.


You will be automatically registered for all following exam dates of a failed or cancelled exam.

In case of failure or deregistration, there is no automatic registration.

A repeat examination must be taken in the following semester. You cannot resign.

Optional modules can be repeated unlimitedly.

If you do not appear for the exam, this attempt will be counted as failed.

The result of an oral exam can only be passed (4.0) or failed (5.0).

Optional modules can be replaced by other optional modules.

In case you did not pass the 2nd repetition (3rd attempt) of an exam, an oral exam has to be conducted within 8 weeks after the results of the exam have been published.

You will receive an official letter from the faculty.

The final failure of an examination connotes the failure of the study program.

  • Only exams which are not passed can be repeated.
  • After failure of an exam, the system automatically registers you for the next exam date. As soon as the compulsory applications have been completed, you will be informed via my-hda. This only applies to mandatory modules!
  • After failure, an exam (mandatory module) can be repeated twice. After failing the third attempt, a last oral exam will be offered.
  • The final failure of an examination connotes the failure of the study program.

Examination Board

Prof. Dr. Michael Kuhn

Birkenweg 8
64295 Darmstadt
Office: D16, 210

Michael Kuhn

Andrea Wendt

Birkenweg 8
64295 Darmstadt
Office: D16, 408

Andrea Wendt

Contact Examination Office:

Consultation Hour (D 16, Room 407)

Thursday: 9 am - 11 am