Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Admission Prerequisites

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  • How expensive is it to study in Germany?

    The cost of living in Germany will be approximately 850€ per month.

    In addition to the cost of living you have to pay a semester fee that is due in advance of each semester and amounts to approx. 250 -300 Euros (<link https: studium studienorganisation semesterbeitrag _blank external-link-new-window>up to date information about the semester fee). The semester fee is a social contribution that entitles you to a large number of discounts and includes a semester ticket for public transportation within the Rhein-Main area.

  • What is the deadline for applications and can I apply at any time?

    Please check the application website for up to date information of application deadlines. Please note: Due to the high number of students we are very strict on the deadlines. Late applicants will not be accepted.

Admission Process

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  • How can I track the delivery of my admission letter?

    You will receive an email from the courier service once your letter hasbeen picked up.

  • The address on the admission is slightly different on the letter compared to the data I provided in KOPLA.

    The address is slightly different on the letter compared to the data I provided in KOPLA.
    Due to technical limitations of the university system which is creating the letters, not all adress fields can be exported. This of course has no effect on your acceptence. To make sure, that your letter is delivered by the courier service, we provide them your phone number (at least if you stored that in KOPLA).

  • How do I know if H-DA received my documents / my payment?

    We understand that you are eager to get a return receipt once we receive your documents. Due to the high number of applicants please understand that we cannot provide this service. In KOPLA, you may check the following informtion: If the Paper Document status in your workflow is set to "Accepted", you know that your documents have been received. The reception of the payment is also visible in KOPLA in the section "Further information". Once we recive your payment we will print the official admission letter and send it to you by Courier (TNT). The tracking number can be checked in KOPLA.

  • Not all required documents are yet available. What can I do?

    Usually this problem is related to the final Bachelor certificate. It is ok to send us a preliminary certificate for the paper document check. You will be accepted under restriction, which means, that you have to send us these documents as soon as you have them. The absolutely latest possibility is to show the documents in original to the student service center during the matriculation (this is mandatory anyway). If you don't have the documents at that time, you will not be matriculated at the H-DA.

  • When shall I send paper documents?

    Certified copies of your documents have to be sent to Darmstadt once your electronic documents have been accepted. Please check the section "Further Information" on details.

  • Electronic Documents not accepted. What does that mean?

    We are sorry, but your bachelor's qualification does not fit to our Master programme, therefore we had to reject your application.

  • Electronic Documents accepted with restriction. What does this mean?

    This means that your qualification is ok, but some documents are missing and have to be provided later. Please check the feedback remark in KOPLA for more information.

  • The system tells me: Electronic Documents accepted. What's next?

    Please send us a certified copy of your documents and pay the administrative fee. Informtion on this step is provided on the page "Further Information" in KOPLA.


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  • What can I do to facilitate communication with H-DA staff?

    As we have very many applicants to support and only very few ressources on our side, please use the following simple rules:

    • Before sending an email, check the Usermanual, FAQ pages and other webpages.
    • Avoid unecessary mail. Please note, there a re only a few of us busy checking your application AND answering your mails. If we spent too much timer answering mails we will need more time on checking your application. Please note: If every applicant sends us only one email per week, we have to check 200 mails a day!
    • When sending us a mail, please always provide your application number. This will help us to find your records faster.
    • Please use the KOPLA communication system or the <link> email adress only, because these will be checked by several staff members.
  • How fast can I expect an answer from your side?

    Usually we will answer within 1 or 2 days. In times of many requests coming in, this may take up to 1 week. Please be patient and don't send us your request again. Our email system has an efficient spam filter ....

  • Are there any senior students we can adress for questions?

    In the period May until August, senior students will be available to answer your questions. They can be adressed using the following email: <link>

Bank transfer

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  • The space on the money transfer is too short to hold all information

    In this case, you may limit the information. The most important fields are the fee category (e.g. MSE-Admin) and your application id.

  • Money transfer: My bank asks me about COLLECTING TAX COMMISSION. What dows that mean?

    This question seems to be asked by Indian banks especially. We must admit that we don't know what this means. On our side, we will not subtract any taxes from your amount, i.e. if your bank makes sure, that the requested amount arrives on our account we are fine...

Visa and other Formalities

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  • Do I need to apply for a visa if I want to study in Germany?

    EU citizens do not need a visa. Everybody else must apply for a visa for study purposes via the German diplomatic representation in their home country. You must not under any circumstances travel to Germany on a tourist visa. Further information is available at the <link https: en einreiseundaufenthalt visabestimmungen-node _blank external-link-new-window regulations>Foreign Office of Germany.


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  • What will I have to do once I have arrived in Germany?

    This is an overview of the things you have to do once you are in Germany and before you start to study. We will assist you in all these matters:

    • Booking a student accommodation
    • Opening a bank account
    • Take out health insurance
    • Registration at the city authorities
    • Enrolment at the university
  • How and where can I apply for accomodation?

    You will have the possibility to reserve a student flat. You will find a reservation form in Kopla once you got accepted.

Private Study and Bridging Classes

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  • What will happen during the first month of my stay in Germany?


    • Attend the Welcome Meeting
    • First week of September - You will be busy with administration.
    • Second week of September - German Tests and start of German Intensive Courses (3 courses depending on your German knowledge).
    • An Intercultural Forum Living in Germany – and liking it will take place.
    • You have to attend technical pre-semester courses.
  • How can I prepare my study in Germany?

    In addition to all the formal things you have to do like getting the visa etc we have a few recommendations for preparing a successful study period:

    • Software development will be an important subject in your curriculum. Our Master program is designed expecting very good C and C++ skills. As this has been a major obstacle for many students in the past, we recommend to study C and C++ programming before coming to Germany. A pretty good tutorial can be found here: <link http: doc tutorial>
    • Although German skills are not formally required before starting with the study, having at least basic skills will facilitate and enrich your stay very much. It will be easier to find a job, to communicate with Germans etc. Therefore we recommend to study the language (especially talking and understanding) before you come.

    In addition you may want to check the special section on German classes as well as the private study section in KOPLA for additional information